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Wednesday, September 29

BOO Hunt

The BOO Hunt was an absolute pleasure to hunt. We got to see some new places in addition to some old favorites, and we had absolutely no problems going from store to store as we searched for the kinda creepy looking ghost. The designers did a fantastic job with their gifts - unpacking all of this stuff really got us in the mood for Halloween and was a great warmup for the onslaught of Halloween-themed hunts coming in October. Cheers and happy hunting! =)

~Tessira, Shadowed, and Thanos

September 25 - October 31
Search for item: flat prim ghost image, transparent on one side
Number of stores: 27

6 - Brat!
11 - *evie*
16 - Cupcake Clothing (m - shirt only)

21 - Graffittiwear
26 - Rag Dollz
14 - Lemania Indigo Designs (poses included)

2 - The Pumpkin Head (complete av)
4 - mi pop
27 - Dead Bunny

10 - .::ODB::. aka Ol' Dirty Bastards (minipumpkin gun)
8 - {Just a Pose} (thank you to Lorrainne Vaniva for letting us give her a scare!)
7 - Clocktower Designs

20 - Cup of Crown (wearable shadows)
12 - Fire GOOD! (wearable halloween bucket)
22 - K&G Designs (wearable broom/witch hat)

1 - Dzines by D
23 - Ginger's Furniture & Decor

3 - Props-N-Poses

15 - *Finishing Touches*
5 - Abundantia
19 - Juneberry Art Glass
9 - .:F&D:. Furniture

17 - Croire
24 - DramaZone (sculpt maps)
25 - ~Dreams in Digital Art Gallery~
6 - Brat!

13 - Cat Crap!

18 - Aster's Builts

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