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Sunday, September 19

Fashion Freaks 2 Hunt - FF2

Welcome to our first installation of Fashion Freaks 2! We loved FF1, and FF2 doesn't fail to deliver the goods either. There is something for just about any taste on this hunt, and we had a lot of fun doing it. We didn't run into any serious problems with the hunt and while its fairly long, we were able to move right along from store to store with relative ease. One thing of note we wanted our readers to know is that we have been having an AWFUL time with SL lately in terms of inability to render clothing textures/having clothes only be visible to the person wearing them/ etc.. Seems like that is going around a lot lately from various group discussions we have taken part in. Because of this, there are a few items in the hunt which we were unable to get to rez properly (textures remaining blurry regardless of what we did to fix it) - so please be aware, and don't assume the item looks dodgy just because its blurred in one of our pictures. Cheers, and happy hunting!

~Tessira, Shadowed, and Thanos

September 15 - October 15
Start Location:
Official Blog:
Search for item: Purple letter F
Number of stores: 73 (showing 1-50 here)Problems:
14 - Dead Bunny - not found
32 - Leaks. - not found
36 - paper.doll - wrong LM to next store
39 - [Muted] - not found
42 - alaMood Boutique - not found
45 - Candy Silhouette - wrong LM to next store

Fashion Freaks 2
12. Before Sleep
31. Charisma Designs

Fashion Freaks 2
7. Virus (hair included)
18. Black&Blue Outfitters (top only)
21. KoQStar (top only)
2. DivaLicious

Fashion Freaks 2
15. .::DELICIOUS::.
34. ::Temptation::
19. 22769
16. LACE le Femme

Fashion Freaks 2
25. .:*Pretty Stick*:.
46. auTre
1. .:Shush:.
24. Alexohol

Fashion Freaks 2
33. Adored
26. Xplosion (shorts only)
17. ~Sassy!~
6. Candydoll (pants only)

Fashion Freaks 2
35. Edika CREATION
36. paper.doll
41. G-series*
4. Sassy Kitty Designs

Fashion Freaks 2
9. *evie*
50. Lemania Indigo Design

Fashion Freaks 2
37. []pole[]

Fashion Freaks 2
10. Just me (skin)
43. ..::Adoring Charms::.. (skin and shape)

Fashion Freaks 2
44. ::Caladesi Island Co.::(skin)
45. Candy Silhouette (shape)

Fashion Freaks 2
48. Eye Candi
38. Digital Eyes
23. [:DresseR!] (v2 face tattoos)
20. aMuse

Fashion Freaks 2
3. [Acide!]
22. SIGMA Jewels

Fashion Freaks 2
27. *ICED*
13. Mustang Trading Post
5. Just you
8. Icarus

Fashion Freaks 2
30. MPP - My Pretty Pixels
40. BeScene Poses
44. ::Caladesi Island Co.::
49. {Just A Pose}

Fashion Freaks 2
29. B&F-Poseworx
28. [[[PURRpose]]]
11. La'Licious Designs

Fashion Freaks 2
47. *Boof*

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