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Monday, September 27

The Seasons Hunt

The Seasons Hunt was one we had not heard too much about prior to the hunt starting, but we were really glad to get the chance to run through the stores. We did the hunt the same day it started, and it went very smoothly - a few LMs that weren't right, but nothing that wasn't fixed with a quick search for the store. It took us the better part of a day to visit all the shops (lag was killer in places!) but we had a lot of fun and got to see some shops we hadn't visited in a long time (as well as a few new to us). The gifts are really nice - some great clothes, and a few fun fall items we had a ball playing with while we unpacked.

A few things to note: there is no starting point on this hunt. Go to their blog site, pick a store, and dive in. The gifts do not have LMs to the next location, just refer back to the blog and the provided Slurls. Also, the items have random names, so be sure to check your inventory often and group them together so you don't lose a folder or object. This one is a lot of fun, happy hunting!=)

~Tessira, Shadowed, and Thanos

September 25 - October 9
Go to their blog page, pick a store/SLurl, and dive in - the stores are unlinked to each other, and there is no specific order to visit them.
Search for item: sculpted stemmed leaf
Number of stores: 60
.44 Caliber (Update: correct store for the hunt is their location on the Glitter sim)

22 - Doppleganger Inc. (shirts only)
11 - Tres Blah (shirts only)
8 - FIR & MNA (jackets only)

30 - Young Urban Mainstore (shirt only)
19 - Whippet & Buck (skirt only)
16 - =HooT= (shirts only)

25 - fri.day (shirt only)
5 - fashionably dead (shirt only)
55 - Willow
45 - Pig (shirt only)

26 -. Ingenue
35 - PIDIDDLE (skirt only)
4 - Elate!
52 - rbcg.
32 - mijn.t

53 - This is a Fawn (leggings only)
57 - So Many Styles (tops only)

56 - Twosome (tights only)

6 - ARAI (shirt only)
9 - mocha (skirt only)
2 - &Bean (skin)

1 - !Ohmai (12 colors/4 hat textures)

20 - CLAWTOOTH by Clawtooth
7 - *eha
54 - Tiny Bird

28 - L.Fauna
47 - Turnip's Homes and Stuff
46 - Scribble

18 - The Habitat
13 - /ME
48 - Split Pea
39 - epoque
17 - [glow] studio

42 - {theosophy}
49 - Duh!

23 - Duboo (props and poses)
12 - ..::DARE::.. (poses)

29 - skin & bones (poses)
34 - Olive Juice
38 - *Art Dummy!

10 - -RC- Cluster
36 - Reek
44 - True Love Never Dies
31 - LISP

59 - Agent Orange
33 - Molto Bene!
40 - [kusshon] furniture

58 - Separate Sack
41 - Surf Co.
24 - flowey
3 - arcade
27 - Kyoot
37 - Schadenfreude

14 - Tee*fy (skybox) ~ big thank you to SuicideBlonde Scheflo for her help with this one!

43 - North West (skybox)

50 - MAGIC NOOK (skybox)

Update: Avatars from .44 Caliber (thank you to Layale for helping us find the correct store and modeling the female av!) - At the time we did the hunt, the LM in the store before .44 Caliber pointed us to their shop at Starlust Extended, on the Elliot sim. The correct store is located on the Glitter sim. Happy Hunting!


  1. Yaaaaaaaaaay more pumpkins!
    Wow, that is a lot of good looking stuff. I might be biased towards fall, though. I am feeling warm and snuggly just scrolling through the pictures!
    I'm scared to go to Tee*fy though. If you needed help... I can pretty much assume I won't find it. xD

  2. Nuu - dont be scared! The skybox gift is really nice and totally worth it..and the help was needed because i am an idiot, not because its spectacularly hard...~L~..i cant say more without giving away too much. cheers!

  3. I found the .44 Caliber leaf, but I'm not sure about posting the location here... is there a way to message you so you can blog it?

  4. hi there Rheimaleigh - you can always drop a note in-world to shadowed luik, and congratulations on finding it! we havent been back to look for it a 2nd time since this was posted.