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Saturday, October 30

GFS Spooky Hunt

Gorean Spooky
I know we promised to show another 2 partial hunts, but this quick little hunt was well worth sneaking in before the end of the month. There is no hint/LM list, and the numbers shown are only for our own reference. Each store has a very good hint, but you only have a few days to get these 34 goodies! Have fun finding the bright red hats!

~Tessira, Shadowed, and Thanos

October 29 - October 31
Search for item: sculpt red hat
Gorean Spooky
Number of stores: 34

Gorean Spooky
28 - Roawenwood (m- pants not included)
9 - May's Soul

Gorean Spooky
3 - Jucy Larma's
8 - *Noe* Designs (pasties and panties not included)
12 - Savage

Gorean Spooky
2 - Dream Things (hair not included)
20 - **Angelwing** (hair not included)
31 - ViGo Creations (pants not included)

Gorean Spooky
13 - On A Lark
7 - ][Silken Desires][

Gorean Spooky
19 - (*Gutterpup*)
32 - Wild Talender
5 - Trashy Designs
30 - UNA & LUAS (hair not included)

Gorean Spooky
25 - Gorgirls
22 - CONSPIRACY (hair not included)
17 - !Damned

Gorean Spooky
21 - *Jaded Harlequin*
34 - Zibber's Jewelry & Silks
16 - Xanimations
15 - Unveiling the Godess

Gorean Spooky
1 - .:Triple Moon Creations:. (skins & shapes)

Gorean Spooky
6 - Voltai
26 - Juicee

Gorean Spooky
27 - Returned Karma (scripted, working bows)
13 - On A Lark
14 - Razi Mohana

Gorean Spooky
11 - Physician & Scribe Mercantile
4 - Lions & Butterflies
29 - Smashin Fashion

Gorean Spooky
23 - Cynful Designs (tournament arena)
28 - Roawenwood
18 - ((~Moonlight Shadow~))

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  1. Yay! I love you guys!
    I am soooo pathetically unmotivated to do hunts without prize pics. xD
    And this hunt is definitely worth doing. That is a lot of good stuff. Thanks for workin so hard!