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Sunday, October 3

Nature's Hunt Autumn Miracles Hunt - Part 2

Miracles of Autumn
Flipping back to the Autumn Miracle snails to finish up this fun hunt. It ends much as it began with absolutely no problems moving from store to store. A lot more great decorations, clothes and some leaf jumping that should not be missed!

~Tessira, Shadowed, and Thanos

Number of stores: 101 (51-101 below)

Miracles of Autumn
56 - Bella's Accessories (tops only)
66 - Destiny's Designs
61 - Beach, Clothes & Dance Culture (m- shirt only)

Miracles of Autumn
94 - T&P Associates Carrasco & Pennywise
76 - Rag Dollz

Miracles of Autumn
58 - Lemania Indigo Designs
77 - La Belle Dame Sans Merci
64 - Petunia
90 - Lace la Femme

Miracles of Autumn
55 - Zahir Design by Astrid Soon
59 - Lillou's Design

Miracles of Autumn
62 - M&M Body Shapes
98 - Ziva's Underground Footware
97 - Sugar & Spice
83 - Demotik

Miracles of Autumn
83 - Demotik
65 - Abundantia
100 - Never Ever!
81 - Tiger Tower (w/particle emitter)

Miracles of Autumn
87 - TZ Buildings Dark RP (scepter emits leaves)
70 - Magic Forest
71 - NLimbo Poses

Miracles of Autumn
95 - Peeps Fashion
67 - Darkfold Designs
92 - Casa de Zen 2

Miracles of Autumn
68 - Roawenwood (leaf jumping!)
63 - Houses for You
101 - Fire Beach

Miracles of Autumn
80 - USC Texture Tomb
53 - Belle's Wedding Furniture
91 - Design 360
96 - Sargasso Gardens

Miracles of Autumn
72 - Dreamscapes Art Gallery
60 - Icarus Video & Lighting
51 - Cats Eye Design
85 - JK Studio

Miracles of Autumn
52 - Rio2 Truly Scrumptious
88 - Garden Oasis
54 - Rock Pulse
82 - Dark Vision

Miracles of Autumn
78 - The Sacred Flame Weddings
79 - Stamens
93 - LoveBird's Paradise (w/animation menu)
99 - Grande Magazzino

Miracles of Autumn
57 - Aster Builts
73 - Dogma

Miracles of Autumn
77 - La Belle Dame Sans Merci
74 - H-Art Design

Miracles of Autumn
86 - Dreams Event

1 comment:

  1. Yay moooore! You guys rock!
    Usually I hit the same stores every time there's a hunt, but this has been surprising me with a lot of great new ones.
    Not a new find, but OMG Roawenwood! <3 I squealed with joy when I saw they were participating. :D That store is just amazing to run around in.
    Can't wait to see your next voodoo post too! Especially that gift from the amazing Dark Water Designs. ;)