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Monday, October 4

Voodoo Doll Hunt - Part 2

Voodoo Doll Hunt
This post finishes up the hunt for Voodoo Dolls. The hunt is still difficult to get through because some stores are not ready. The coordinator is clearing things up as quickly as possible, so make sure to keep a close eye on the official site for the latest news. There are many fabulous gifts out there, have fun searching!

~Tessira, Shadowed, and Thanos

Number of stores: 100 (showing 13-14, 41-100)
64 - Luna Eclipse Design - not found
73 - Rozza's Roze - not found
100 - The Babylon Design - not found

Voodoo Doll Hunt
14 - Falln Angel (hair not included)
77 - Cero Style

Voodoo Doll Hunt
44 - *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*
84 - Petunia

Voodoo Doll Hunt
51 - Brat!
80 - The Ancient Tree Kimono Shop

Voodoo Doll Hunt
62 - Ezura
74 - Fuzion Fashions

Voodoo Doll Hunt
88 - Goddess Fantasies (hair included)
78 - *diavolicious*

Voodoo Doll Hunt
85 - Rag Dollz (cape only)
75 - Never Ever (top only)
70 - ~ Simply ~ (SL rez issues with skirt prim)

Voodoo Doll Hunt
92 - Cilian'gel Boutique (hair not included)
93 - Leonine Fantasy Avatars
96 - Avatar Bizarre (hair not included)

Voodoo Doll Hunt
91 - Skinthesis (skins, eyes, and altar)

Voodoo Doll Hunt
56 - Garage (skin & eyelashes)
53 - Funky Art Gallery (tattoo layers)
98 - Dark Desires Custom Tattoos

Voodoo Doll Hunt
68 - Eye Candi
76 - La Boheme
92 - Cilian'gel Boutique (unisex)

Voodoo Doll Hunt
83 - Ziva's Underground Footwear (unisex)
61 - Clocktower Designs
81 - Deviant Designs

Voodoo Doll Hunt
87 - .::ODB::. (hair not included)
69 - SR Leatherwerkx (wings)
65 - Khargo Grunge

Voodoo Doll Hunt
94 - Dead Bunny
99 - Roawenwood
89 - Cheeky Pea

Voodoo Doll Hunt
60 - SB Wear
42 - TempT Fashions
49 - P.S. PoseWorks

Voodoo Doll Hunt
50 - Embod y Shape s & Pose s (thanks to Kyros for helping!)
63 - Darkfold Designs Bike & Neko Store
58 - Malfean Visions

Voodoo Doll Hunt
45 - Foxworth Creations
47 - Genira Fantasy Roleplay
52 - Grim Death Co

Voodoo Doll Hunt
41 - Visions Gallery
13 - DragonLady's Closet
59 - Dark Water Designs (thanks to: SuicideBlonde Scheflo, Howard Baxton, Wilder Calamity, Lorrainne Vaniva for dancing through the blog!)

Voodoo Doll Hunt
79 - Prim Fusion
90 - PRIME Furniture
48 - Dahllywood
57 - Rock Pulse (radio)

Voodoo Doll Hunt
71 - Dark Vision
46 - Timeless Textures
95 - Sek's Eclectic Kreations

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  1. ... I don't think I've ever seen a hunt that's stuck so well to a theme. xD I was just expecting another random halloween hunt.
    And then there's a normal picnic tree in the middle of it. Hahahaha. But, that is a good-looking tree. It's on my list.
    Thank you hunt masters!