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Monday, November 1

Dirty Little Secret Hunt - DLS

Dirty Little Secret
A break from Halloween hunts! Hurray! This is another great hunt full of a wide variety of fabulous gifts. A lot of the vendors appeared to have fun following the dirty secret theme. It's also a great way to find out if your friends have any dirty little secrets to share. Hmmmmm!

~Tessira, Shadowed, and Thanos

October 25 - November 25
Search for item: sculpted black key
Number of stores: 87 (1-40 below)

Dirty Little Secret
12 - Xand's Kicks & Twirls
1 - Electric

Dirty Little Secret
26 - Pop Tart & Urban Assault (NSFW link in picture for other gifts)
2 - Kastle Rock Couture
21 - D'Funk'd DeSign's

Dirty Little Secret
40 - Abundantia (jeans not included)

Dirty Little Secret
37 - Egyptian Market
9 - VampArt (pants and pasties not included)
24 - Carrie's Lingerie

Dirty Little Secret
29 - Connaught Empire
13 - Divine
8 - Sa-eela (m- pants not included)

Dirty Little Secret
38 - Misera (pants not included)
25 - Damage Virtual Clothing (pants not included)
5 - Silk Dreams (m- pants not included)

Dirty Little Secret
39 - Devil's Trade
23 - Alexohol
17 - Slick's Corner

Dirty Little Secret
37 - Egyptian Market
25 - Damage Virtual Clothing (face lights!)
18 - LOVE TATTOOS and Sandwritings

Dirty Little Secret
33 - Ears & Gear
22 - M&M Celtic Designs (crab emitter!)
34 - Flowers Candles Romance
32 - Damage Virtual Clothing

Dirty Little Secret
3 - Altya's Dream Creations (objects with present pose and emitters)
7 - Freakish Designs
10 - Paradoxical

Dirty Little Secret
11 - Bound & Bitten
20 - Pestique After Dark
28 - Fin's
36 - Leonine Fantasy Avatars & Accessories

Dirty Little Secret
31 - Soulless Productions (confessional booth, with a pose for a peeking priest!)

Dirty Little Secret
4 - Sinful Minds
14 - LoveBIrd's Paradise
27 - Maven's Home Furnishings & Decor (SL rezz issues :( )
15 - QQ Creations

Dirty Little Secret
16 - Hearth & Home
19 - Casa de Zen

Dirty Little Secret
17 - Slick's Corner

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