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Thursday, November 4

Dirty Little Secret Hunt - Part 2

Dirty Little Secret
This hunt finished much as it began... fantastic fun! A lot of great outfits, interesting poses, and fun items to improve your SL experience. Or at least temporarily forget the many bugs that seem to be cropping up lately. We managed to find almost all of the keys in this hunt and easily move to the next store. Grab some friends and find out what dirty secrets the small keys will unlock for you!

~Tessira, Shadowed, and Thanos

Number of stores: 73 (41-73 below)
64 - KK's Designs - item not found

Dirty Little Secret
52 - Campalicious! (m- pants not included)
74 - K2K Headquarter
49 - sweet*B* (m- pants not included)

Dirty Little Secret
47 - CMORE Designs (m- pants not included)
68 - aMuse Fashion
66 - Razorblade Jacket (f- top not included, m- pants not included)

Dirty Little Secret
72 - ILLY Creations
53 - Gumi's Bad Box

Dirty Little Secret
62 - DivaLicious
82 - HUNFASHION (pants not included)

Dirty Little Secret
61 - Saris Creation's
87 - SLACY's
83 - Flowerdreams Creations (m- pants not included)

Dirty Little Secret
63 - SB Wear (f- hair included)
75 - Carrasco's

Dirty Little Secret
81 - FK Virtues (pants not included)
57 - Asteria Creations
43 - ODB
48 - Jaimie Earst Fashion (m- pants not included)

Dirty Little Secret
84 - Lemania Indigo Designs (skin included with outfit)
67 - Eye Candi
46 - Potpourri Boutique
50 - SR Leatherwerkx
60 - Illicit Designs
42 - StarChild Designs (hair not included)

Dirty Little Secret
80 - Foxworth Creations
78 - DW Design
56 - Tree House Treasures

Dirty Little Secret
76 - Snow Bound
71 - Halloween Town

Dirty Little Secret
54 - DAARK
69 - Dahllywood
85 - The Sacred Flame Flower Boutique
41 - LoveFactory
77 - M&M Deco (picture projector)

Dirty Little Secret
65 - Aster's Builts, Wedding Invites and Accessories

Dirty Little Secret
59 - Eternal Dream Poses (furniture NOT included, poses only)

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