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Monday, November 29

Make Him Over II Hunt - MHOH5

There is A LOT of confusion going around about this hunt, and most of it is being generated on purpose. The main thing you need to know - This hunt is NOT being done by the original MHOH group.

A brief rundown of events:
  1. MHOH group suddenly falls apart at the end of their last hunt. Thousands of people are kicked out of the group, and the group is deleted.
  2. The main group of stores and coordinators form a new group called Menstuff. (JOIN THIS GROUP!)
  3. ONE person, who is not a coordinator nor an officer of the previous group, decides to take things into his own hands.
  4. He proceeded to make a group with the identical name, use the identical icon, and copy the identical web site format.
  5. Thus creating more confusion and riding on the coat-tails of the original MHO group's success.
Good intentions or bad, this is definitely a shadey situation. There is more information about this fiasco at this site - http://robmoonites.tumblr.com/. Please read it and pass it around to anyone who asks what is going on with MHOH. Spread the word to join the Menstuff group and their upcoming hunt in January.

Hopefully that clears things up slightly, and now for the more correctly named - Make Him Over II hunt.

~Tessira and Shadowed

November 20 - December 20
Search for item: Usually orange sculpt symbol
Number of stores:
85 (1-43 below)
Several symbols were different colors

Make Him Over II / MHOH5
3 - ::MORTALITY:: CLOTHING (pants not included)
21 - b[ELLE]issima! (pants not included)

Make Him Over II / MHOH5
40 - Urban Republic Co.
27 - Le Mode Inc. (pants not included)
41 - DragonLady's Closet

Make Him Over II / MHOH5
8 - BalAni
29 - watAnabe (pants not included)

Make Him Over II / MHOH5
31 - Be Happy!
35 - Grumble
36 - iRez (pants not included)

Make Him Over II / MHOH5
20 - VERO MODERO (pants not included)
11 - B&T Alternative

Make Him Over II / MHOH5
18 - ArW Designs (pants not included)
25 - IDENTITIES (pants not included)
12 - UPPER MAN (pants not included)

Make Him Over II / MHOH5
13 - Souled Out
32 - Life STyles, Koh Sukhum (SL rez issues)
37 - KamreK Creations (pants not included)
33 - Clothes Culture

Make Him Over II / MHOH5
28 - ABUNDANTIA (pants not included)
9 - [BedlaM] (pants not included)
4 - Petals place (pants not included)
23 - Water Babies

Make Him Over II / MHOH5
19 - G&T Creations
24 - Jungle Wear
7 - STYLE EXTREM (pants not included)

Make Him Over II / MHOH5
43 - LILLYE SHAPES (shape)
6 - BeReal (shape, skin, eyes, and hair)

Make Him Over II / MHOH5
14 - {Zeery} Color Couture
5 - DURA (hair included)
16 - TattooHada's

Make Him Over II / MHOH5
1 - **Pocket Mirrors**
2 - Kumaki Glasses Style
10 - [BAIT]

Make Him Over II / MHOH5
15 - Posies

Make Him Over II / MHOH5
38 - Juneberry Art Glass
34 - *~* RnB Designs Furniture *~*


  1. Thank you for pointing out what was going on in this group. I had heard rumors that it wasn't the original group but no one had answers. I was confused about it being called MHOH5 but the website II, thinking that maybe they reused an old website.

  2. Most of the prizes were rubbish, I kept only about 4 items. Several "next' addresses were missing and now that I know, I understand why 5 was not as good as 4 or 3

  3. With different stores involved, and a different coordinator, we had no expectation of the hunt matching the original MHOH events. We rather felt using the original name was a bait-and-switch on the hunters, which is why we posted the information we did about the hunt. In any event - it's a shame you didn't enjoy the gifts more, but they are exactly that - GIFTS. Hopefully, the next for the guys hunt will be more to your taste. =)