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Tuesday, November 30

Make Him Over II Hunt - Part 2

Make Him Over II MHOH5
This is the second half of this confusing hunt. Again, this is NOT the same MHOH group as the previous hunts. This is a new person/group that is riding the previous success by using the name. It's confusing! Please read this link for more information about what is going on.

~Tessira and Shadowed

Number of stores:
85 (44 - 85 below)
Several stores colored the symbol different colors.

Please see previous post for more hunt information

Make Him Over II MHOH5
47 - Poison
84 - VENUS
68 - Somapop (pants not included)

Make Him Over II MHOH5
73 - LEPIDOPTERA (pants not included)
66 - Silhouette
60 - Thalia's Fashion (dark ripped jeans not included..oops)

Make Him Over II MHOH5
51 - Scars (pants not included)
55 - AoD Designz

Make Him Over II MHOH5
67 - VANGUARD (pants not included)
52 - *diavolicious*
53 - Absent Designs (pants not included)
76 - GPD

Make Him Over II MHOH5
65 - Roughnecks (pants not included)
74 - H.O.D APPAREL (pants not included)
69 - Avaro Design - Dabby Allen
80 - Fierce Designs
63 - Vassnia

Make Him Over II MHOH5
54 - Zaro Emporium
81 - Toritire Clothiers
72 - Schwarz
71 - fantasy china (hair, shape and skin included)

Make Him Over II MHOH5
64 - Dressed by Lexi (pants not included)
85 - Technicolour
70 - Shey Fashion (pants not included)
82 - AAlto Fine Menswear

Make Him Over II MHOH5
48 - M.Elan Design (shape and tattoo)
56 - LEATHER & CO (skin, shape, eyes, and hair)

Make Him Over II MHOH5
61 - {PHRESH} (shape)
62 - KIKO LIFE (skin)

Make Him Over II MHOH5
78 - Skinthesis (skin)
50 - COLORS (hair included)
83 - SEKUELLA. FASHION HOUSE (hair included)

Make Him Over II MHOH5
59 - The Mad Hattery (hair not included)
85 - Technicolour
49 - **mischievous cat**

Make Him Over II MHOH5
46 - Phoebe ~Piercings & more~
75 - KIWI
45 - iSculpt
58 - Sinister Designs *S.D.*

Make Him Over II MHOH5
77 - Alana Velinov

Make Him Over II MHOH5
57 - ::Thy Designs::
44 - Harry's Houses & Design Creations

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