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Sunday, December 19

12 Days of Deathmas - 12DoDM

12 Days of Deathmas
In our attempts to do as many hunts as possible this month, we seem to be raking up the dark side of Christmas. This is perhaps the gloomiest Christmas stuff we've seen so far, but oh so much fun to find! This is not a hunt for those with weak stomachs, Rudolph and Santa both meet their demise in the gifts below. This hunt is also very short, and due to having no coordinating issues at all it's easy to run through in a night or two. Have fun in the hunt, and try not to spend too much time looking over your shoulder..."They" already got Frosty!

~Tessira and Shadowed

December 5 - January 5
Search for item: sculpted present box
12 Days of Deathmas
Number of stores:
Samantha Zwickel

12 Days of Deathmas
3 - *b[ELLE]issima!*
7 - ::Gehenna:: (M- pants not included, F- skin included)

12 Days of Deathmas
19 - ---A and S--- Visions (M- skin & shape included)
25 - .:Fiction & Chaos:.
2 - +DV8+

12 Days of Deathmas
21 - .:TRoUBLeD ReBeL:.
23 - gilded (prim mask and V2 layer)
17 - [ bubble ]

12 Days of Deathmas
24 - Love Zombie
11 - Soulless Productions
4 - Grim. Bros

12 Days of Deathmas
8 - Oddment (face tattoo not worn, it did not rez)
9 - (0thrive)
15 - .: Stone Misery :.
4 - Grim. Bros

12 Days of Deathmas
29 - ImmateriA
12 - ## CI ## Creative Insanity
20 - [XIII] Gothic Furniture

12 Days of Deathmas
18 - Deviant Designs
8 - Oddment

12 Days of Deathmas
13 - ~Dreams In Digital Art Gallery~
14 - emPathy
28 - Cracked
5 - The Fooding

12 Days of Deathmas
16 - Hearth & Home
1 - Yellow JesteR
6 - Julia Collection

12 Days of Deathmas
10 - Snow Bound
27 - .:.::Malfean Visions::.:.

12 Days of Deathmas
8 - Oddment (field and particle emitter)
26 - Moon's Howling Creations

1 comment:

  1. Haha! That was awesome! I was hoping you guys'd be doing this and the gothmas one. YOU DELIVERED!
    I think my favorite gift in this batch was the christmas tree in the toilet. A lot of this stuff looks like perfect holiday decor for an Arcadia Asylum city. xD