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Monday, December 13

Sucker 4 Hunts - Part 2

Sucker 4 Hunts
Here is the second half of this super sweet hunt. As with the previous half, this one is loaded with holiday goodies, candy, and has no major problems. Worry about the dentist bills later, and grab some more candy!

~Tessira & Shadowed

Number of stores:
60 (31 - 60 below)

Sucker 4 Hunts
42 - La Luna di Carta
58 - Making a Promise

Sucker 4 Hunts
51 - Mahogany Couture (M- pants not included)
38 - DragonLady's Closet (M- pants not included)

Sucker 4 Hunts
49 - DivaBabii Designs
57 - SweetTooth Clothing
48 - *Mayden couture* (M- pants not included)

Sucker 4 Hunts
43 - Static (F- pants not included)
54 - watAnabe (pants not included)
60 - Smushyface (shirts not included)

Sucker 4 Hunts

Sucker 4 Hunts
32 - Barracuda Clothing (pants not included)
40 - Freiany's fashion
50 - [ W E T ] Designs.
44 - Morte's Seduction

Sucker 4 Hunts
37 - GM & LB Designs (shapes)
56 - Oceane's Body Boutique (skin)

Sucker 4 Hunts
55 - =IcaruS= (hair not included)
31 - Cimberlyn's Miscellaneous (card)
53 - Battle Angel (hair included)

Sucker 4 Hunts
41 - 101 Delmations

Sucker 4 Hunts
45 - les sucreries de fairy
33 - =Flutterby=
47 - SOKEN OUTLET INC (board for pictures)

Sucker 4 Hunts
31 - Cimberlyn's Miscellaneous
35 - Olumis Postura
55 - =IcaruS=

Sucker 4 Hunts
39 - Lavish Living by Lizzy (skybox)


  1. Woo more! That peppermint forest playground thing looks awesome. Les Sucreries de Fairy is such a randomly interesting place!
    And, awwww! I just noticed you added my new lil blog to your list, thank you guys. :) <33

  2. Was the least we could do, since it turned us on to the Carima Hunt - pics of which are coming in a day or so - altho we did not find 26, even though we went back a couple times. =(