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Monday, January 10

I Need New...Hunt - INN

Candy Cane 2
I think we were a bit holidayed out after last year. Halloween kind of ran into Thanksgiving, and next you knew it was Christmas! This is a great short hunt of non-Christmas things! We had no problems moving through this hunt and browsed some fabulous new places along the way. There are some great gifts to be picked up in this one, bring friends and take your time!

~Tessira and Shadowed

December 29 - January 16
Search for item: sculpted dice
Number of stores:
Codex Matsuo & Stella Eaton

Candy Cane 2
15 - Absent Designs- (pants not included)
6 - .::Glamour Photography::.

Candy Cane 2
30 - ::KAZ:: (pants not included)

Candy Cane 2
19 - Alexandre Skins & Fashion (pants not included)
34 - Holly's Market Hall
22 - Be Happy
5 - *Kishi* (hair not included)
24 - *Bellies* (pants not included)

Candy Cane 2
21 - +Silhouette+
28 - watAnabe (pants not included)
31 - moloko (pants not included)
4 - Bombshell Outfiters

Candy Cane 2
25 - Engraved in Stone (full avatars)
2 - Styles by Kira (skin)

Candy Cane 2
14 - {PHRESH}
3 - **++BloodMoney Designs++**

Candy Cane 2
1 - SE* Designz
16 - Kumaki Glasses Style
32 - Purple Poses
13 - [BedlaM]

Candy Cane 2
20 - LEPIDOPTERA (animated pose only)
27 - ..:HC Creations:..
35 - JE Club Equipment (tip jar)
17 - emPathy

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7 - *Last Touch*

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  1. Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for this great blog. It saves me so much time by showing pictures of the hunt items. I can skip the stores that have prizes I'm not all that interested in. Thanks again!