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Monday, March 28

Diamond Is Mine Hunt 2: 51-101

Diamond is Mine 2 Hunt
The second half of the Diamond Is Mine Hunt 2 went just as smoothly as the first half. We had no problem at all going from store to store - the official blog has up-to-date hints and SLurls for each location, and it was a pleasurable jaunt from store to store. We got to see some old friends along the way and explore a few new (to us) spots that I plan on shopping a bit more extensively now that we've finished the hunt. When unpacking, however, we again ran into a problem with a gift and were unable to get another copy from the store because of the use of 1-per person scripts in the hunt items. This was particularly frustrating because both TJay and I had gotten the gift, remembered the store/location, etc, but neither of us was able to find it in our inventories when we unpacked.

If this happens, you can always contact the store owner and explain the issue, most times they are happy to send you a copy of the gift item. In our case though, given the time constraints to get things unpacked/photographed quickly so it can go online, we don't have the luxury of being able to wait to catch the owners online or for a response to a notecard. So, our apologies to the stores we do not blog for that reason, but for the hunters out there, please know that the missing stores DO have items, and the gifts are pictured on the official blog for this hunt.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


March 1 - March 31

Previous Post:

Number of stores:
101 (51-101 below)

Problems at the time I went through:
65 - Skipped per official blog
67. Champagne - folder missing from inventory when unpacking but item IS in the store

80. SOPHIA Collection (M-comes in multiple colors)
89. ouTRage Clothing (M-shirt only)
68. Utopia (M-multiple wear options)

69. Egoisme
54. MEB Fashion
60. *~::Sassy Kitty Designs::~*

91. CANCOON Fashion
94. Clio
76. KIM (tops only)

56. A&k Designs
57. Angel Dessous
58. ~Sassy!~

71. ~Simply~ (includes jewelry)
79. Thalia's Fashion Collection
75. Trendstyle
53. Bubblefish
61. Candydoll (top not included)

101. Pink Fuel (skin)
97. LionSkins (skin)
59. JeSyLiLo (skin)

73. Maverick Designs (F-skin, M-shape)

74. Tellaq (includes shape, 2 skins, 3 eyes)

55. Alli&Ali Designs
98. Vanity Hair (also in blonde)
52. LOVE TATTOOS + Sandwritings

82. Concrete Flowers
72. n-creation
63. Fierce Designs
95. Beertje's Gallery & Jewelry
87. *Amaranthus*

66. Shoe Fly Shoes (pumps come in fatpack of colors)
90. Duh!
93. DivaLicious
99. Nardcotix

85. B&F Poseworx
84. Icarus Home & Media
96. .::Poise::.
100. Capalini Spirits
62. Twisted Thorn Textures

78. AKEYO (3 dance anims & not shown: AO)
70. X-Clusive Animations
86. QQ Creations

77. .:FluiD Furniture:.
64. DrLife (fireworks)
81. Kucinta

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