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Tuesday, March 29

Kiyomizu Spring Treasure Hunt

Kiyomizu Spring Hunt
This was an interesting hunt TJay and I stumbled across. I hadn't seen much about it on the hunt sites, but this was actually a lot of fun. The hunt begins at the Kiyomizu mall, and runs through several of the shops there and also ventures out onto the grid to a ton of other stores. It was a little confusing at first, mostly due to the language barrier since neither TJay or I am fluent in japanese, but once we got it figured out, we had a great time.

There are floating "information boxes" scattered around the mall - you will want to click on one of them when you arrive there to start the hunt. It will take you to a webpage that has a list of all the store SLurls, how many gifts are at each stop (i.e. Tokoyo.Girl has 11 hidden all over their sim!), and it tracks which gifts you have found already. Without that page, you WILL get lost, because some of the mall shops have a sign, but no gift since the signs direct people to their main stores not in the mall.

In total, there are 70 stores and 81 gifts, but according to the tracking page, some people have found up to 83 - not sure if we missed a few extras or if the tracking system counts it more than once if you get the same gift more than once.

In any event, the "ninja cats" you are hunting are cute, and the gifts cover a broad range from modern to traditional clothing, some gorgeous furniture, and some really interesting scripted items like a hover craft and an inventory arranger. The hunt runs until April 7th, so be sure to squeeze in some time and take a stroll through this great hunt! Also - I did my best to get all the store names correct, but with the language barriers, there may be errors, and they are all mine. If one of these stores is yours, and I got the name wrong, drop me a comment and I will get it fixed ASAP. =)

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


March 12 - April 7

The mall has information cubes that link you to the SLurl page, there is no official site otherwise that we found


Search for item: purple ninja cat
Information Cube:
Number of stores:

Problems at the time I went through:
None, once we figured out how to use the information cubes =)

9. Yam's House
70. -K12-Fashion (top only)
13. Nano*style

11. **milky-way
2. Bella Donna (fatpack of colors included)
38. Aiko Shop
54. Sweet Strawberry
5. M*Motion

23. Mizuki
66. Tokyo.Girl

66. (a-pants come in several flare leg options)

20. Unclouded Happiness (full avatar)
39. lemon ginger (skin, shape, eyes)

49. Kitty Boom (shape, 2 skins)
59. tsukikabe (2 shapes, 2 skins)

66. Tokyo.Girl (a-ae sook shape with suzu sunkissed skin, b-yukari shape with suzu fair skin, eyes fatpack)
65. .::*FOP*::.

42. pINK
43. QTHoney
66. Tokyo.Girl (hair not included)
50. Tukiyobana
6. [[RKA]]

10. Jukkin-ya
36. Aibeat Hair Shop
25. peek-a-boo
64. atelier MIRACLE
61. *HL* House of Furniture Design

66. Tokyo.Girl
53. Green Tea Pudding
61. *HL* House of Furniture Design

69. [MIYABI ~ Rabbit In The Moon~]
34. *ryo*ryo* (blows bubbles)
29. Chiaro di Luna
67. ++Chiruno Works++

19. Textures Shop
26. Flower Shop
30. M's Factory Animation Studio
1. Shop AYA

8. +eChau+
63. +zill+
41. *atelierRK*
58. Ayame' Design
7. TINYBUCKS (touch cube, gives food)

55. WaniWani-Dan
62. *QP*
37. MMu's Shop *R&R*
46. Kidd's Factory

27. Over The Rainbow
45. R & A* Shop
58. Ayame'Design (bucket is inventory arranger)
51. Tukiyobana

18. shop GARDENIANs kana (a-animated wall of falling flowers, b-particle emitter)
28. Nympheas Textures
4. =[Level -K-]=
35. *ryo*ryo* (slideshow frame)

61. *HL* House of Furniture Design

44. Donfan's Factory
21. Rakurakudou
40. .:*Natural mind*:.

32. *muu workshop**

57. L's-c@mpany (skybox)

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  1. Congrats for the blog, it's a really time saver for us *o* It's the best guide to know the best hunts that are on the grid =D
    Once I asked on a group if they had a blog with pics of the prizes... well, I was almost killed by them, LOL (they said it would be bad for some stores if people see the prizes and don't like, they wouldn't visit the store... but I believe if owners give quality things, it's certain that people will visit their stores, and even become regular costumers). You guys do an amazing job here, keep up the good work ;D