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Wednesday, March 23

Hunt for RP 2

The roleplay sims and stores in SL offer a rich variety of imaginative settings, clothing, furnishings, and paraphernalia to cater to every taste and whimsy, from the rugged Gorean sims to the darkly enticing vampire sims to the exquisitely detailed sci-fi sims. The H4RP2 is a great chance to get out there and explore some places you may never have seen and to get a taste for some of what SL offers to those who enjoy roleplaying in a 3D environment. The hunt is roughly 73 stores long and the GMI bag you are looking for isn't all that difficult to spot. The gifts are beautiful, and a lot of the stores on the hunt path are well-known for the quality of their wares. You will not be disappointed if you head out on this hunt.

That being said, there are some issues with the hunt. The skipped stores are no problem - the LMs in the gift folders have been updated to take you smoothly from one place to the other, bypassing the missing stores. You need to keep a VERY close eye on your inventory as you go, however. Some of the stores give folders and some give objects that you need to pull the LMs from as you go. Also, a good number of the stores give folders with names such as "blahblahblah" instead of the hunt/store number information. Cute the first time, annoying by the 3rd or 4th, and downright irritating by the 7th or 8th as you are trying to A) find them in your inventory to get the next LM and B) figure out which of the multiple, same name folders is the one you want, and C) trying to figure out which store the gift came from as you unpack. I can understand renaming the hunt item prim, that is becoming a fairly common practice to help cut down on the cheating and using prim finders and whatnot on hunts. But forcing the hunter to find and rename individual folders or objects sent to your objects folder in order to get the LMs or keep the folders together in some sort of order is a royal pain in the arse. It's a great way to get a gift you love and have no idea where it was from, or to just plain lose things, especially with the crashes and TP issues going on in SL lately.

One of the more exciting challenges on the hunt, though, are the scripts in some of the gifts which automatically move the item periodically. This was a lot of fun, making it a race against the clock, not just a where's waldo type hunt for the items. There is also an in-world group you can join for help and to find fellow hunters on the same search. The sims do run the gamut from PG to Adult, but LMs are provided in the gifts and on their website to skip any you might not be able to access.

As a side note, i THINK we got all the folders sorted correctly, and the gifts labeled with the correct store names, but in the eventuality we didn't...blahblahblah. =)

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


March 1 - March 31



Search for item: a burlap sack marked GMI

Number of stores:

Problems at the time I went through:
7, 12, 37, 55 - removed from hunt, LMs updated in gifts to next store
62. Fallen Domino - unable to find store (we landed in a rental skybox)

49. Donettas Discoveries
22. Devil's Trade
43. Trashy Designs

40. Moulliez (M-shirt only)
1. Sa-eela
23. LnL Square

44. Morte's Seduction
41. Gutterpup
38. Simply

20. Chained Heat
52. Sassy
35. PA Designs
26. Dream Things

32. Les sucreries de fairy
25. [[A.R.C.+F.N.]]
73. Dare Designs
72. Ahava Star
51. Aster's Builts (rez issues with sleeves)

28. ND/MD Skins & Shapes (shape)

56. Leonine Fantasy Avatars (skin, shape)

53. Abundantia
21. Southpaw
24. Genesis Inc.

8. Voom Tattoos
63. [[[COGOO]]]
5. Southern Charm
58. Celtic Dream
60. Trixa Beach

11. Trident Jewelry
36. Aidoru
67. House of SilverJinx
54. Reigning Realms Magazine
57. Korba Huet Spellfire Weapons (assorted weapons, scripted and nonscripted)

34. Thorstein's Lair
45. Ziva's Underground Footware
2. Falcon Products
68. Builds by Bugaboo

2. Falcon Products
19. Roawenwood (book with pose)
47. Suki's Silken Fashions
4. Kittycat's Creations

46. Destiny's Designs
29. Returned Karma & Lint (scripted bows)
61. X-Clusive Animations (gutshot animation)
65. Kittycat's Creations
71. NLimbo (pose)

39. Moon_Sha
31. SilVerLine
42. Silk and Steel Gorean Tavern
17. {GR's} & Ascended Creations
19. Roawenwood

6. Genira Fantasy Roleplay
51. Aster's Builts
14. ~~~@ simple Delights
59. GTG

27. Timeless Textures
9. ViGo Creations
67. House of SilverJinx
15. Kajira~Kajirae

33. Dark Vision
13. Black Cat Bones (also includes individual tools)
16. Mira Pagar
48. Virtual Whimsy

10. Trident
66. Val's Lighting Emporium
18. The Legacy

3. Home Stone Designs
69. United InshCon Mainstore

50. Tinny's Eternal Dreams
30. Primwynly (skybox)

64. Blaisdale & Co. (house)

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for these wonderful blog posts I love all the work you do to show us the hunt gifts!

    I agree messy folders are a pain, at least some viewers have the recent items tab, but even that can get very long. I think renaming building prims or putting out decoys (hidden in the floor or walls) is the way to go if they really don't want scanners to work. I hate decoys hidden out in the open.

    I do wish some creators would get it out of their heads that time spent in the shop searching equals more sales. I buy what I like and standing around doesn't make me like it more. Resentment grows. Especially for those who fight bad lag. Let "cheaters" cheat as long as they dont shout out locations.