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Friday, April 1

No Strings Attached 2 Hunt

No Strings Attached 2 Hunt
YAY for Dolls! The 2nd No Strings Attached Hunt kicked off on April 1st, and I could barely wait for the midnight start time. I had a blast on the last NSA hunt, and have been counting down the days to this one, and believe me, it did NOT disappoint. Its always a little nuts to start a hunt the first day, let alone at the midnight kickoff, but I took my chances and was blown away at how smoothly it went. I ran into 1 store who had a box out with an LM to the next stop but no gift, and other than that had no problem visiting ALL the stores on the hunt path. The gifts are amazing - some skins and shapes, lovely doll keys, and some fantastically detailed outfits you really won't be able to resist. I did have some texture rezzing issues, but I also had texture rez issues earlier in the evening while I was building, so I am not sure if it was SL or actual issues with the gifts, just keep an eye out when you unpack. Trinity Vuissent and her crew did a beautiful job with putting this hunt together, so be sure to let them and the vendors know how much you enjoy these great gifts.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


April 1 - April 30



Search for item: pink doll box

Number of stores:

Problems at the time I went through:
6. LM in hunt item, but no gift yet

30. Beauty Killer (hair not included)
17. Absentia (shape and hair not included)

25. Inner Doll (rez issues with gloves)
5. Sakura's Originals
24. Grim Bros.

12. The Delectable Doll
35. Malfean Visions
21. Rotten Toe
14. Dark Dolls

13. Rag Dollz
37. Bugtussle
46. Junbug
15. Magic Burst

42. The Doll Emporium
22. Likka*House
18. Gothic Passionate Dreams
31. Weird Designs

44. The Secret Shelf (rez issues)
20. Evldva (hair & makeup included)
28. +UTD+
41. ***Ambrosia***

36. Infected Angels
3. Jenna's Whimsey
29. Squeek!
38. Ocello

43. Indigo Oddities
7. Bad Juju
9. PiNkMaReS HoUsE
8. Blue Blood

23. Psychotropia (skin)
16. Mango, Mango (skin)
10. Nightshade (skin)

33. .::Pink Sugah::. (shape)
11. Savoir Faire Shapes (shape)
40. V Tattoo Store

34. Damaged Rose
4. Spiked Devil
27. Violet Voltaire
19. Creative Insanity
2. Filthy Things

39. Sweet Nirvana
32. The Elegant Goth
45. *Amaranthus*
1. The Dolly Box (RLV display)

26. A Netherworld


  1. Hi, I didn't know another way of contacting you besides the comments. Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work - excellent site! Your blog inspired part of my site which started in January so I know how much effort it can take. Thanks again!

  2. It's a pity the blog for this hunt doesn't have slurl's, or does it and I'm missing them?
    I love your blog, makes for a more efficient sl. Thanks ~big smile~

  3. Hi Tracy, and thanks for the kind words! We do NOT list slurls on the blog, simply because they are available from the official blogs (which we do provide a link for) and because with stores closing, moving, etc, it would be a pain in the arse trying to keep up with the slurl changes and updating the blog entries. Cheers - Shadowed

  4. oh no I understand where you guys are coming from. I meant the site you have mentioned above. The NSA Dolly Hunt blog. I'll go have another looksie.