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Tuesday, March 8

Twisted Spring 2011 "Nevermore: 201-End Game

Twisted Spring 2011 Hunt
And so we come to the end of the Twisted goodies for this time around. Please keep in mind: there are a few items I did not or could not show in the blog, so the hunt still has some surprises for you to find...there are also TONS of mini-hunts, extras, special sales and so forth going on just for the Twisted event in many of the stores on the hunt path...and that the vendors sometimes add more items as the hunt continues. So be sure to join the Twisted group to keep up to date on the latest hints, number of gifts in the shops, and changes to the hunt path as some store drop out and others get various issues ironed out. At the very beginning of the hunt, there is also a starter pack for hunters to pick up that has a few more goodies, courtesy of the fine folks at DV8. Get out there and get your Twisted fix - if you miss this hunt, you have to wait all summer for the Fall hunt to come around!

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!



Problems at the time I went through:
115, Pestique was not out

205. Bokeh (F - black tank not included)
217. Top Katz
212. ::SWEET MISERY:: (F - jeans not included)

204. xXxTreme Fashion Designs
210. Montagne Noire Clothiers

201. !!X Factor!!
217. Top Katz
218. Lantian

214. Wildz Creations and Pimp Daddy Trivia
203. Flowers Candles Romance
209. Dreamscapes Art Gallery

202. Dekute Dekore
213. Archaic by Grey Mars
211. Incendia Campfires & Caves
208. Tree House Treasures

209. Dreamscapes Art Gallery (skybox)

To find these lovely items, you need to make it to the Twisted End Game...and through its delightful tortures!



  1. Woo! You're awesome, Shadowed! \o/
    I was afraid you'd disappeared! Thanks for doing this hunt! I can't believe you made it through it all. The few stores I've wandered into so far have been truly twisted. xD
    To the hunt queen! *toasts glass*

  2. Thanks for the detail post of this hunt Shadowed, it is one of the hardest hunt in sl and you have made it easier for us who cant go to all the stores to hunt, :-))Really appreciate it!

    Have a nice day! ^^