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Sunday, April 3

April Fools Hunt: 1-27

April Fools Hunt
April Fools Day has come and gone, but there is still a ton of April Fools fun to be had in SL. This hunt has a great twist - in each shop, you are hunting for not one, but two little hidden harlequin girls, each holding her own "treasure": one little miss has a serious gift and the other has a joke gift in the spirit of April Fools. There is no telling which girl has which gift until you get them home to unpack. The hunt itself is a nice mix of the usual suspect stores and a handful of new (to me) places, which made it a pleasure to roam through. We had no problems getting from store to store, but if you need it, the official blog does give the list of stores and SLurls to each shop location. One thing to keep an eye out for is that not every store has followed the 2 hidden item theme, at least not as of the time we went through. A few shops had 1 item instead of 2, and one crazy place even had 5 - 4 April Fool prizes, and 1 serious prize! So take your time, enjoy the stores, and keep an eye on the folders names so you don't miss a place that has more than 2 hidden gifts.

Since each store is giving more than one gift, instead of following our usual format of separating out clothing, skins, accessories, etc, we broke the hunt in half, and are showing the multiple gifts together so you can see each store's fantastic offerings. Keep in mind, there may be more hidden harlequins out there by the time you do the hunt, since we ran to do this one within the first few days of it kicking off.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


April 1 - April 30



Search for item: Two harlequin girls
Number of stores:
58 (first half below)

Things we found at the time we went through, your mileage may vary:
Stores 3, 4, 6 and 24 had 1 prize item out, store 18 had 5 prizes out.

11. Dark Visions
6. SJP Textures
22. PomPomPom

21. Ignition
9. !-[LoveFactory]-!
16. Khargo

12. La Belle Dame Sans Merci
7. Hearth & Home
13. Snowpaws

14. Elemental Jewelry
17. Never You Mind
4. [M]
26. Avatar Bizarre (leather pants/shoes not included with black shirt)

8. Aster's Builts
27. Demotik
3. Electric

2. Altya's Dream Creations
15. SR Leatherwerkx
10. Pipper's Place
25. Bokeh (ears of elf, ears of corn)

20. ~Tree House Treasures~
18. ~Simply~ (also comes with gestures)
1. Dreams In Digital

24. Poised
5. aQ creating lifestyles (bunny gives chocolate!)
23. Textures by Corry & Night (textures, sign, pink shirt)

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