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Tuesday, April 5

April Fools Hunt: 28-end

April Fools Hunt
Here we go with part 2 of the April Fools Hunt. Like the first half, you are looking for 2 (or more) hidden little harlequin girls and man...some of these were tough! We had no trouble getting through these stores, though, and the goodies were definitely worth it - where else but in SL will you do a hunt where you can get eaten by a giant pile of poo and a few stops later get hosed down with a dose of No Drama, all while wearing the very latest couture in jester wear? We had a ball unpacking and photographing our loot, and I have to admit it took us longer than usual to get through the pictures because we kept getting sidetracked with the neat stuff we found. The girls can be tricksy to find, but you will have a great time on this well-organized hunt, without a doubt.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


April 1 - April 30

Previous Post:

Number of stores:

58 (28-58 listed below)

Problems at the time I went through:
Store 28: items only had LMs

32. Wildz Creations
50. Divalicious

53. Kastle Rock Couture (M-pants not included)
46. Inspired
33. M&M Celtic Designs (pants not included)

54. Miss Darcy!
48. Alexohol
35. DragonLady's Closet (pants not included)

39. Bella's
41. Mustang Trading Post
55. Absolutely Smitten (poses included)

58. Mango, Mango!
31. Discord Designs (hair comes in multiple colors)
51. Icarus

42. Ear Candy
41. Mustang Trading Post
56. Yellow Jester

36. Dark Water Designs
45. jeaniesing's Thing
40. Sacred Flame Flower Boutique

37. Zoe's Garden
29. Flowers Candles Romance
30. Maven's Home Furnishings
47. Bound and Bitten
52. Atooly

57. [XIII]
43. Varriale Designs
34. Pestique
44. QQ Creations

49. Pink-a-Boo
36. Dark Water Designs

38. FlufferNutterz

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