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Wednesday, April 6

Mix & Match Hunt: 1-50

Mix&Match Hunt
The fabulous people at Fashion Freaks have kicked off April with their latest hunt, the Mix & Match Hunt. Ladies, we are talking clothes here...accessories...shoes...hair! Over 100 stores of pure fashionista goodness for the intrepid hunter awaits you as you follow along the hot pink rose path. We sailed through the first 50 of the hunt with no issues, thanks to the official blog's hints and SLurls. There were 3 skips on the official blog in the first 50, but we *did* find a gift at one of them, so the minor bumps in the road are being smoothed out by the vendors and coordinators. I am dragging poor TJay around the grid with me on the hunt, but this one is really geared for the ladies, so you might want to leave the SO at home and gang up with your best girlfriends to tackle this hunt. Lag has been awful in a few spots, but then again, this *is* SL and lag is a hazard no matter where or what you may be doing. This is a lot of fun, the stores are great, and the temptation to get sidetracked from searching for roses intod doing some serious shopping instead is high. Use the buddy system to keep each other hunting, otherwise, it may take you the entire month plus some to get through all these stores!

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


April 1 - April 30



Search for item: Sculpted hot pink rose
Number of stores:
151 (1-50 below)

Problems at the time I went through:
Store 20 and 33 skipped per blog (blog also lists 46 as a skip, but we found a gift there, so check the others in case they update as well)

17. Razorblade Jacket (fatpack of shrugs, we only showed a few)
27. 22769 casual couture
32. ::VMC::
10. AstonisHD

12. Bounce (jeans not included)
37. HolliPocket (top not included)
13. Black Cat Bones
44. Dreamscape

47. Lady's Choice (female outfits include hair)
18. Acid & Mala Creations
28. ANCAYI (jeans not included)
34. House of Xevion

16. G-series* (jeans not included)
26. Be Happy!
7. Nemesis
3. Divalicious

8. The Death
14. Dark FairyTales
1. American Bazaar (jeans not included)
49. Sweet Antidote
38. Sassy Kitty Designs

48. Voluptia - House of Glamour
2. Shush
43. LoLa Creations
21. ***Just You Jewels***
30. Sour Pickles

9. [LeeZu!]
29. .:*LOULOU&CO*:.
5. SE*Designs
25. Ear Candy
19. Grumble

6. .::Divine::. (piercing)
50. White Widow (both styles given in multiple colors)
4. {PHRESH} (comes in red also)
45. Mustang Trading Post
36. Southern Charm
22. PixMe Studio Design

23. Aidoru (men's glasses included also)
46. Be-Lo.Te
24. Legit (prim leg patch)
15. moloko
39. Illicit Designs (shown without included shoe base)
40. My Pretty Pixels

31. Adoness
41. aMuse
4. {PHRESH} (poses)

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