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Saturday, April 9

Mix & Match Hunt : 100-151

Mix&Match Hunt
Here is the third and final installation of the Fashion Freaks' Mix & Match Hunt - and the gifts are fantastic! They have everything from sexy little underthings to delicate dresses to full outfits including hair and shoes. The last 50 stores in the hunt ran just as smoothly as the first 100, with great clues and SLurls in the blog for the one or two stores that needed to be skipped over. The only real issue we had was trying to get to store 119 - I tried porting several times over 2 days, and each time got a message saying I wasn't authorized to go there. Hopefully, its just some screwy SL glitch and you will be able to pay them a visit. I completely enjoyed this hunt, and I have a great list of shopping destinations now for the first chance I get to do some retail therapy.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


April 1 - April 30

Previous blog entry:

Problems at the time I went through:
Skipped 104 & 113 per the blog; 119 because of TP issues

138. Fuzion Fashion
127. [sYs] Design
111. SOLYENCE CREATIONS (M - shirt only)

117. AT Design (skin and shape included)
136. ::Caladesi Island Company::
107. Chichi of London (shoes and hair included)

131. ~*INDIE ROSE*~
125. !--Z.U.N.I.K--!
114. Jojo's
121. ^^FiErCe DeSiGnS^^
147. !!Never Ever!

137. !!Devilish Designs!!
132. Miu'...
110. ::JAZUMI:: (pants only)
133. .:Ducknipple:. (pants only)
124. Urban Republic Co.

145. [Monochrome]
129. Alexohol
105. **::MAYDEN COUTURE::**
135. Garage
102. Attitudes Lingerie

108. ~+Flirt+~ Boutique
143. BabyCakes (shirts only)
120. Gothica (tops only)

123. MUKA (top only)
109. Annabella's Song (top only)
106. Instinct Inc. (top only)
150. Zenith Fashion (top only)
148. :Robbish: (top only)

116. #Sweet Bites# (skin)
151. Vogue Body Shop (skin)
118. Coca & Wolf (skin and shape)

126. VACKRA (skin and lipstick layer)
140. mISs rOUx (skin)

128. Curvy Silhouettes Shapes (shape)
149. .:KILLA SKINS:. (skin)
112. *ESSENCES* (skin)

144. ***SHINE*** (skin and shape)
115. [a.e.meth] (eyelashes and eyeshadow layer)
146. Aiden's Closet
141. :::Urban Warehouse:::
142. PsychoTroPia
103. Ah Flou

122. ***The Store of Flax Pye***
130. Magnifique (poses)

134. "C&D Designs"
101. *[MEBBERY]*

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