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Thursday, April 14

One Night In SL Hunt: 41-80

One Night In SL Hunt
Here is the second half of the One Night In SL Hunt, and this portion went just as smoothly as the first. We hit no snags in the hunt path and were happy to see a few new shops we hadn't visited before. One of the peeves I hear from hunters is that the hunts are just the same stores over and over - so it's always a treat to see an infusion of "new blood" on the bigger hunts. We had a couple of texture rez issues with gifts when we took pictures, but that is getting to be the norm in SL these days - failure to rez and textures never loading all the way. Hopefully, you will have better luck than we did. Remember - the blog has SLurls if you get stuck and hints (and when they say check the hint giver, they mean it - one or two of the stores have individual male/female gifts out but you need the hint to find both!) All in all, we enjoyed this hunt a lot. Smooth path, good clues, great gifts. Definitely one worth doing.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


April 8 - May 8

Previous Post:

Number of stores:
80 (41-80 below)

Problems at the time we went through:

57. DragonLady's Closet
41. Xand's Kicks & Twirls
46. Slick's Corner

73. Petunia (M-shirt only)
78. L'Elite Fashionwear & Photography (F-could not get skirts to rez)
54. Grumble

65. Havana Nights
55. Bubblefish

60. Asteria Creations
59. Edelfabrik Sexy Forever
72. Razorblade Jacket (top only)
42. Divine Beauty
43. Francesca's Affordable Elegance

47. Alexohol Fashions
77. Inspired
62. La Belle Dame Sans Merci (cloak comes in male size also)
74. Secrets of Gaia Mainstore
67. Dahllywood (s'mores! <3!)

45. M&M Celtic Designs
75. CoLLisions
49. Fire GOOD (wearable star feet)
68. X-Clusives Animations

67. Dahllywood
70. The Sacred Flames Weddings
61. LUXus designer furniture and light

48. Dark Vision
50. Maven's Home Furnishings & Decor
44. Raven's Heart Lucid Dreams

51. Metaphysical Mercantile
76. T R I D E N T
66. Visions Gallery
52. Loch Avie Bazaar & Flower Mart
63. Cynful Designs

58. Casa de Zen
56. Tempura Decors
69. ZAP-In
64. Prim Fusion (texture loading issue)

46. Slick's Corner
79. Wicked Beauty Light Shows (dance floor and perv cam dance ball)

80. Almost Home (skysphere)

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