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Wednesday, June 29

Midsummer Night Dream 2: 101-150

Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt 2
Part 3, and we are at the halfway point of the hunt. Midsummer Night's Dream is running until the last week of July, so there is plenty of time for hunters to start on this fantastical path of gorgeous stores and beautiful gifts. Remember that the gifts are 1L each on this hunt, which is a bargain considering the quality you are getting. This is a long hunt, so be prepared - block out some time, and do not expect to get through it all in one weekend...unless you are a psychohunter, in which case, IM me and we can compare notes! =) All the information you need to get through smoothly is available from the official blog and from the inworld group, so don't be shy about joining up and making some new friends along the way.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


Previous Posts:

Search for item: Sculpted blue butterfly
Number of stores:
264 (101-150)

Problems at the time we went through:
Several locations were not ready on time, please refer to the official blog for the most up-to-date information

146. Virtual Whimsy
102. Dax Designs

143. CANCOON Fashion
106. Bella's

108. Moulliez (M-pants not included, F-entire avatar)
144. Marys Threads
109. Xand's Kicks & Twirls

123. Sa-eela
112. Flashpoint Fashions
118. PurpleMoon Creations

124. Sucreries de Fairy
119. Saris Creation
145. LilyPads

116. iC(ILLY Creations)
128. X Factor (jeans not included)
132. Bubblefish
101. Random-Onics and Pink Wolf
113. Love Tattoos + Sandwritings

126. Wild Talender
148. Grumble
107. Bedlam (wings)
127. Visions Gallery
139. EBDesign
110. Wicked Beauty Light Shows (multiple orbs included)
103. Fire Good!

134. Empyreal Dreams
136. Almost Home
133. PNP Poses and Props
125. Eternal Dream Poses
138. FlufferNutterz

111. Shameless Bits
117. The Crossing
140. RT Designs Furniture
121. Timeless Textures
149. Purple Poses Mainstore

105. Cynful Designs
135. SB Wear
114. Enchante
122. Dream Things
141. Texworks Paradise

115. Forever Charmed
106. Bella's
131. Finishing Touches
148. Grumble
147. Treasured Cove Sculpties
130. Royal Thai Galleries
142. The Elegant Goth

144. Marys Thread
129. Roanwenwood

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