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Friday, July 1

Midsummer Night Dream 2: 151-200

Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt 2
The Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt is in full swing, and you still have plenty of time to strap on your favorite hunting gear and hit the butterfly trail. There are over 200 stores chock full of goodies in this hunt, and its an excellent chance to score some gorgeous gifts for the measly 1L. This portion of the hunt was just as delightful as the earlier bits, and the designers came up with some truly fantastic gifts. The gowns alone on this hunt make it worth doing the whole thing. This is a rather long hunt, so be sure to allow yourself enough time before the hunt end to get to all the shop. We have one more post on this hunt to follow, so don't miss out!

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!



June 21 - July 28

Previous Posts:

Search for item: Sculpted blue butterfly
Number of stores:
264 (151-200)

Problems at the time we went through:
Several locations were not ready on time, please refer to the official blog for the most up-to-date information

199. Biohazard Rocker Wear (jeans not included)
152. Francesca's Affordable Elegance
178. Costume Room

196. New York's Finest Apparel (jeans not included)
158. PeKaS Design
177. Kennedy's

163. Sonic Death Monkey (jeans not included, shirt comes in a fatpack of shades)
170. Fierce Designs Mainstore
154. Jojo's
195. Sexy Swagger

171. Jules Creations
159. Fabienne Bolissima Couture
166. Tempura Decors
161. HerBerry

189. ND/MD Mega Skin/Shape Mall (complete avatars, hair not included)
151. 90 Degrees
174. Pen's Gems
184. Battle Angel

190. Zero Cool Designz
168. Maggs & Compton Designs
165. Aphrodite Shop
153. Gypsy Gadgets
179. Elemental Earth Designs (hair not included)

183. 3*S Shania's Sock Shop
186. Magnifique Poses
176. Montagne Noire Clothiers
198. BRAT Animations
157. The Epic Toy Factory

173. Needful Necessities
181. Comfy Within Furniture
187. PaPiLLioN Design
193. Prime Furniture

167. JE Club Equipment
162. Xenian Furniture
172. Whims & Wishes
155. Incendia Campfires and Caves
200. TTD Gothic Castles, Homes and Furniture

164. United InshCon Mainstore
194. Zap-In
188. Kucinta
197. Creative Lab

175. MJ Studios (gift certificate)
185. RVi Design
156. ThistleWick Designs
160. Druids Designs

192. Malfean Visions (111 prims)


  1. I don't recommend visiting the store Biohazard Rocker for hunt item #199, as the owner of the store/sim will ban you from the sim after an abusive IM demanding a reply. Just because he doesn't like your profile. Or he thinks you rezzed in too fast.

  2. Sorry you had a bad experience there - I have hunted the Biohazard store multiple times over the past year that the blog has been online and have never had any problem with owner whatsoever. Maybe you just caught someone on a bad day. Cheers, and happy hunting!

  3. no real loss there anyway