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Friday, June 3

The Silk Road Hunt: 1-44

Silk Road 2 Hunt
Its no secret that I have an affinity for things with an asian influence, and when I saw that the good folks at the Silk Road Hunt were doing it again, I had an immediate happy, followed by an "Oh god, my poor inventory!" moment. The Silk Hunt 2 does not fail to deliver, showcasing some pretty amazing stores and fantastic gifts. The standard cautions apply - I am doing the hunt at the beginning, therefore a certain amount of chaos and problems are expected on the path. However, the coordinators are on top of things, and have a list of SLurls available through the in-world group, as well as notice updates as problems are ironed out which makes it easy to navigate when things get rocky. The best approach to this hunt is to take it slow...decadent little nibbles throughout the month so you have ample time to explore the sims and stores. Believe me, people - these are NOT your usual hunt stops, and the things some of these designers have in their shops will just amaze you. Load up your pack animals, dust off your compass and favorite Indiana Jones hat, and take a magical mystical tour of the Far East on the Silk Road.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


June 1 - June 30



Search for item: Sculpted red pagoda

Number of stores:
132 (1-44 here)

Problems at the time I went through (your mileage may vary):
39, 40, 43

11. Luminous Designs
19. Top Katz
16. Desiree's Rose

20. 22769 Casual Couture
36. Snowpaws
27. Rag Dollz Steampunk Emporium

44. Cosmic Steam Design Store
17. Sparklie Silks (shapes and outfits)

4. Malfean Visions
22. Shiny Shop Toy Store (complete avatar)
14. Satu's Sushi
28. Halostar
6. Hatpins - Hats and Accessories

5. The Mad Hattery
13. Crazy Cakes
3. Pop Tart & Urban Assault
1. Peterson Galleries
22. Shiny Shop Toy Store

7. Visual Concepts
37. Keshiki Garden Center
19. Top Katz
34. Furniture @ True North

2. Lantian Village
33. Aidoru
41. VM Detail & Design
25. Axo's
6. Hatpins - Hats and Accessories

18. The Eat Me Bakery
32. Sinful Temptations Boutique
30. Dreamer Designs
15. Tree House Treasures
31. Zaro Emporium
24. Morigi Steam

38. Deezul Creations
23. Punkd Out Designs
12. Tamiron Forge
35. Zoe's Garden

10. Primwynly

13. Crazy Cakes

21. Total Look

26. D & M Dream Furniture

29. McMinnear's Oddments

8. Epic Toy Factory

9. emPathy

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