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Monday, June 6

The Silk Road Hunt: 89-132

Silk Road 2 Hunt
And now we come to the end of the Road, so to speak. This is the last batch of gifts from the Silk Road 2, and again, the vendors did not fail to delight. Lush fabrics, gorgeous textures, intricate builds - there is something for every taste on this hunt. Writing these blips gets a little tedious now and then, because really - how many ways can you say you had a great time and found some fantastic gifts before you just start repeating yourself? So I will keep this short and sweet: Silk Road 2 Hunt. Do it. =)

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


June 1 - June 30

Previous posts:

Number of stores:
132 (89-132 here)

Problems at the time I went through (your mileage may vary):
96, 116, 120 had no gifts

98. Warrior Instinct Nations Boxing
123. Coyote Moon
102. Subversion Menswear

125. NS6 (there is a second gift, but SL refused to rez it so I could get a picture)
127. Steambound
124. DnC Designs
100. The Carrington

130. ShapesfloweR
121. COGOO
126. DragonLady's Closet
91. kisetu mainstore

108. Tip Toe Designs
118. Lilipily Spirit Jewellery
94. CyberSteam
105. Washenshi Store

104. Sensual Stoneworks
122. Little Nepal
114. Aki-Kimono Main Shop
107. RRS Chinatown
95. Montagne Noire Clothiers

115. Meta Luna Store
99. Caramba @ Puella
93. Caramba @ Volkov
131. FLOX
128. Dark N Crazy Steampunk
101. Llyr's Fish & Mer Market

109. Tala Mermaids
97. Warehouse 13 & Time Machine Shop
112. USC Textures
103. Blaidd Drwg
106. Candlelight Evenings Furniture

129. DragonLady Designs Gallery
92. Jinxed Toys
111. Tasha's Treasures

117. C&D Designs
110. Alma's Fantasy Gothic Furniture
89. NTG Designs

90. Maria Pequena TM
113. MollyWorld Dwellings

119. Salome design

132. Ending Point

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