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Thank You to all of the creators!

Monday, April 2

The 3rd Crazy Hair Hunt

Crazy Hair Hunt 3
It's been a while since the last crazy hair hunt, so when I heard it was starting up, I knew that it would be one that we had to do. One of my early fascinations with Second Life was hair, and I have probably switched out the one I am wearing 20 times for every day I have spent in SL. Nothing like some crazy hair to get my ooh shiny meter pegged at 10 and this hunt did not disappoint in that area. We hit it early, and there were some rough patches. Several locations did not have prizes out, and the lines were crossed with some of Shadow's pet peeves, misnamed folders and gifts in objects, but the fun we had once we started taking the pictures more than made up for it. Let it be known that for the most part, these are not your every day wear it around the grid type offerings, unless your every day life is fae or mermaid oriented. This type of hunt really brings out the creativity in the builders, and some of them made me howl in laughter. I especially liked the ones that had tiny little animals hanging around where my fabulous normally ebon flowing locks reside. As we were taking the pictures, we decided that we would each pick out our favorites out of the ones we drew for pictures, as you can see below. This was a fun hunt for us, and we hope that the problems we had were fixed in short order and that our readers enjoy it as much as we did.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!

~Thanos and Shadowed

March 31 - April 30

No official blog


Search for item: purple interlocked circles

Number of stores:

Problems at the time we went through:
There were several stores we skipped because they were not ready.

10. [M&K]
29. Hairoin
59. Rosy Mood
11. ChiChickie

12. Grim Bros.
49. The Strand
35. SyDS
61. Ayashi

13. The Stringer Mausoleum
14. Nushru
57. Weather or not?

36. Sentou Yousei (battle fairy)
63. By Snow
46. IM CaPPed
15. Discord Designs

7. Zsa Zsa House of Beauty
37. W.Winx
16. EMO-tions
19. [hate this]
17. Bliensen + Mai Tai

32. C&D Designs
18. {Rue}
38. Yasyn's Odds and Ends
20. Evie's Closet

1. The u-neek
58. Facepalm Designs

21. Barlow
22. Ein Peixe
24. Alli&Ali Designs
53. Le Cactus

23. Gumi's Flower Shop
4. Tekeli-li
66. red Mint
25. Skinthesis
43. {Bingo}

26. Vaughn's House of Curiosities
27. Iren
54. Alpha & Omega Point
9. Concrete Flowers
52. L+N Signature Designs

28. La Boheme
65. Orage Creations
39. Iron Tiger Jewelry
31. Malizz Yiyuan Creation
33. {frou-frou}
34. RIPE

3. Vanity Hair
47. Morgane Batista Poses
41. Calico Ingmann Creations
5. Bizarre Hair
48. HeLtEr SkElTeR

51. Entropy Designs
56. MSM Designs
55. Zibska
60. Raven's Heart
6. Bare Rose

64. T&S GLaMouR DeSiGnS
67. gilded
62. Amulet
8. Boudoir

We don't usually pick favorite gifts from any hunt, but we had such a good time trying these on, we couldn't resist a vanity picture wearing our favorites from the hunt.


  1. I love your blog, it's very useful!
    To the fellow hunters: you won't find a DSyDS shop with SL search. #35 DSyDS is actually SyDS. It is not this blog fault: it's the shop itself that named the hunt item with that extra "D".

    1. Thanks for the correction, Alpheratz - this is part of why i HATE hunts where object names are not consistent. Aside from making it a mess to track folders, names can get mangled in the process. Will correct it on the blog post. =)


  2. They are soo perfect, have to get them!

  3. This and Twisted are the two hunts I never miss. I have an entire flicker book in these wonderful head..hair things! But if you post a vanity pic you have to teel us where you got the matching outfits!!!! I want the ...wingy one!!!

    1. Hiya Phoenix! Your comment made me laugh - that fairy outfit is unbelievably OLD, from a hunt held ages ago. Its called the "Leaf Fairy, Gold" and it was a gift in the Kite Hunt from a store called Pas de Deux. I have no idea if the store is still in existence, but the creator's name is Misteria Loon, and her profile appears to still be active (and list several store locations!). Good Luck!