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Wednesday, October 25

Once Upon A Nightmare

event poster

You are going to have to move fast to get in on this fabulous event, my intrepid little hunters! The folks who bring you the Epiphany event have branched out a bit for Halloween and put together the Once Upon A Nightmare event. There are a massive amount of stores participating, and each store has two things going on: brand new releases at bargain prices for the event AND a hidden hunt item somewhere in their store with a free gift. This is an extremely short event, scheduled to run for just a week (from Oct. 23rd to 31st, although there was some talk in group about extending it a day or so), which means that if you are interested in giving it a shot, you really need to get going in order to have time to visit all the stores.

There is a group to join and a HUD to pick up (available at most of the participating stores or in group notices) which has all the Slurls. You can also get a list of Slurls from the official site if you prefer not wearing the HUD, but I absolutely recommend joining the group regardless - they are a wealth of information if you get stuck since there are very few clues (also on the official site) and some of those items are quite well hidden. The gifts are free, but not all of them are available the same - some will give their gift if you touch them, others are for sale (all were 0L except for 1 store which had it at 1L) and one or two of them were set to the hunt group, so you need the group tags on for those items to give up their gift. There were still a handful of stores not quite ready when I finished the hunt yesterday, so the group can also keep you updated as to which ones are still skips.

The new releases are identified by a big black coffin display (easy to spot!) and the hunt item is a stack of gold, black and copper boxes, engraved with "Once Upon A Nightmare". It was not recolored in any of the stores, but it was resized, so keep your eyes peeled - it can be really sneaky to spot.

This was a fun hunt to do - very long, but the stores were amazing and the group chatter was friendly, so it was a good time all around. If you have friends you hunt with, this makes a fantastic group effort, especially since some of the shops are pretty big and time is limited.

Event Information
Official Blog/Flickr/FB: The Epiphany - Once Upon A Nightmare
Dates: Oct. 23rd to 31st
Start/Location: Store Slurl List Here

Happy hunting!



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