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Saturday, November 6

Addicted to Halloween Hunt - Part Two

Addicted to Halloween Hunt
This winds up the second half of the Addicted to Halloween hunt. Smooth sailing through the second half of the hunt, and some really great prizes. The final days of the hunt are coming quick, so if you haven't made the rounds to find the cute little sculpt pumpkins, you should get a move on! Cheers and happy hunting. =)

~Tessira, Shadowed, and Thanos

Number of stores:
80 (41-80 below)

Please see previous post for more information

60 - DragonLady's Closet (M-shirt only)
75 - Love Zombie

54 - HUN (shirts only)

46 - KHUSH (pants only)
69 - .:Shush:. (hair not included)
57 - ::Gehenna:: (F- skin included)

74 - Sweeter Than Candy (skin and eyes included)
47 - Zahir Design by Astrid Soon (pants not included)
55 - Shitz n giggles...

76 - Lemania Indigo Designs (hair not included)
52 - ~Sassy!~ Designs
71 - LinK Designs (hair not included)
66 - Miinii Inc

50 - ::CS Shapes:: (shape)
48 - BeReal Mainstore (skin, eyes, teeth)

61 - iHeart (skins)

47 - Zahir Design by Astrid Soon
80 - ::Para Designs::
43 - Venom Rahne
56 - [Acide!]

43 - Venom Rahne
58 - LOULOU&Co
72 - ChiChickie!
44 - Phoebe ~Piercings & more~

72 - ChiChickie!
48 - BeReal Mainstore
59 - Secret Oktober
78 - ::RUSH::
45 - Sabbath Gothic Clothing

63 - Samsara & Carpe Diem (hair not included)
62 - Southpaw
68 - *Finishing Touches*
49 - ..::Rasetsukoku::..
73 - BeScene Poses

64 - Candy Crunchers (pumpkin w/poses and t-shirt)
51 - Paper Moon
79 - Brass in Pocket
67 - Design 360
65 - caLLie cLine

77 - Brave Design

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