Hi there and welcome to Freebie Hunters! One of our favorite pastimes in Second Life is scouting the grid for fantastic hunts, sales, events and gifts from all the wonderful creators. We thought we'd share the wealth and showcase some of our finds in this blog, with an emphasis on the goodies available in the many SL hunts and events occurring every month. We do our best to show ALL items from a hunt/event and in the manner the creator intended, but this is not always possible.

An important reminder - All deals posted are subject to the whims of the item creators, and are often offered for a limited time (from hours to months). We do not guarantee the items are still available, and the creators are under no obligation to give anything.

Thank You to all of the creators!

Sunday, November 7

I Heart Purple Hunt

I Heart Purple? Absolutely - its one of our favorite colors, so when we heard there was a hunt devoted to the color coming up, we got excited. Shadow's store participated as a vendor, and it was at the top of our list for hunts to do this month. We were not disappointed, except maybe by the fact that it was a short hunt. The stores were a lot of fun, the gifts are beautiful, and there were no problems at all with getting from place to place. Definitely an enjoyable hunt to do, and such a AWESOME break from all the brown/orange/fall themes so prevalent this time of year. Cheers, and happy hunting!

~Tessira, Shadowed, and Thanos

November 1 - November 30



Search for item: sculpted purple heart
Number of stores:


14 - Kis Kis (F- skirt only)
12 - Miao
17 - Shadow Moon

21 - Dark Water Designs
2 - Cupcake Clothing (M - shirt only)

1 - Sassy Kitty Design
22 - .:DELICIOUS:. Designs
7 - *Dreams*
8 - Ducknipple (top only)
23 - reasonable desires

24 - mi pop (shape/hair/eyes not included)
6 - Mango Mango (skins and shape)

20 - Violet Volitare
19 - Wildheart Creations
5 - rangs
9 - *evie*
10 - Acide
11 - Sugar & Spice

15 - Fire GOOD! (poofer)
3 - Cat Crap!
4 - Lolapop!
13 - Khargo Grunge
18 - Zanzibar creationZ

17 - Shadow Moon
16 - croire

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