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Tuesday, December 21

Gothmas By Gaslight 2010 - Part 2

Gothmas by Gaslight

The second half of this gorgeous hunt went as well as the first. The gifts continue to delight and cover a wide variety of styles and yet remain predominately goth. This half also features Shadowed's store, Dark Water Designs, and her endless supply of beautiful clothes. There were no problems with moving through the hunt, and it was easy to forget about hunting and shop amongst the fabulous stores. Gather up some friends and have fun with this one!

~Tessira and Shadowed

Number of stores:
92 (51 - 92 below)

Gothmas by Gaslight
60 - Red Devil Inc.
78 - Snowpaws - Snowpaw Fashions
81 - +++BLUE BLOOD+++ (pants not included)

Gothmas by Gaslight
74 - Dark Water Designs
59 - LooLoo's (M- hair not included)

Gothmas by Gaslight
56 - irrISIStible shop (complete avatar)
53 - **Asteria Creations**
62 - Avatar Bizarre (hair not included)

Gothmas by Gaslight
76 - ~Simply~

Gothmas by Gaslight
82 - Quirkywerk (pants not included)
72 - Heels by Humm and Hummingbird Designs
83 - aMuse
69 - Be Happy!

Gothmas by Gaslight
89 - Skinthesis (skins)

Gothmas by Gaslight
80 - Deviant Designs (skins)

Gothmas by Gaslight
64 - Exquisite Jewellery
70 - Yellow Jester
65 - DiBoutique
52 - !!X Factor!!

Gothmas by Gaslight
55 - House of Rfyre
72 - Heels by Humm and Hummingbird Designs
67 - ARTGEAR (hair not included)

Gothmas by Gaslight
54 - Mindshift Golgotha Church (rez issues)
73 - Prims 4 U
87 - Tonya's Restraint Works

Gothmas by Gaslight
54 - Mindshift Golgotha Church (catapults snowballs)

Gothmas by Gaslight
57 - Tay's Trinkets
51 - =IcaruS=
85 - Xplicit Furnishings
75 - Cracked
88 - Zaro Emporium

Gothmas by Gaslight
92 - Damned Good Design
61 - Girl Not Included (full perm sculpt maps included)
79 - The Fooding

Gothmas by Gaslight
84 - Wishing Well Fountains
71 - Hearth & Home

Gothmas by Gaslight
91 - Moon's Howling Creations
63 - Gothic Furnishings by PQD
68 - Roawenwood

Gothmas by Gaslight
58 - Les sucreries de Fairy

Gothmas by Gaslight
86 - NOTHING !3NO*Thing!

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