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Wednesday, December 22

Nightmare Before Christmas Hunt - NBCH

Nightmare Before Christmas

As one would expect from the hunt name, there are a ton of great items inspired by this Tim Burton classic. Getting around the hunt went very well, with a full list of hints and LMs provided on the official site. This is also a fairly short hunt, and most should be able to wander through all the goodies in a few days. Dont forget to grab your skeleton buddy!

~Tessira and Shadowed

December 1 - December 31
Search for item: Sculpted ornament
Nightmare Before Christmas
Number of stores:
Talisien Lewellyn
19 *diavolicious* - wrong LM to next store in folder and from site

Nightmare Before Christmas
14 - :: Cilian'gel Boutique ::
13 - T Junction (pants not included)

Nightmare Before Christmas
17 - *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*
3 - Rozza's Roze BBW Fashions
42 - ~Simply~

Nightmare Before Christmas
36 - Rag Dollz
19 - *diavolicious*
32 - Styles by Danielle (shirt not included)
27 - (GC) Good Clothing

Nightmare Before Christmas
31 - Love Zombie (pants not included)
22 - Avatar Bizarre
33 - Brat! (skin included)
20 - Dark Desires Custom Tattoos
21 - ::Para Designs::

Nightmare Before Christmas
41 - Lemania Indigo Designs
4 - ::{Favole}:: (v2 tattoo layer & necklace)
6 - !!!SR Leatherwerkx (hair not included)

Nightmare Before Christmas
26 - Skinthesis (complete avatars)

Nightmare Before Christmas
12 - { Just A Pose }
35 - La Boheme

Nightmare Before Christmas
38 - Prim & Pixel Paradise
18 - ..::Beauty Killer::.. (ties only)
30 - Goth & Beautiful Designs
23 - .::ODB::.
16 - Dead Bunny

Nightmare Before Christmas
34 - EMBODY Shapes & Poses
9 - BeScene Poses
10 - SJP Textures

Nightmare Before Christmas
37 - PNP (Props-N-Poses)
8 - A Stitch in TIme
24 - Virtual Textures

Nightmare Before Christmas
5 - PRIME Furniture
8 - Timeless Textures
2 - Prim Savvy Furnishings
40 - [E.B] Prims & Poses (sculpts included)

Nightmare Before Christmas
1 - October Alchemy
39 - [.:F&D:.] Furniture & Design

Nightmare Before Christmas
11 - Aster's Builts
28 - FallnAngel Creations

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