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Monday, January 24

The Next Big Thing Hunt - Part 2

Next Big Thing Hunt
Well, reports of this blog's demise might've been posted a bit prematurely. Thank goodness! We are back and posting the second half of this hunt. We did run into problems with the LMs for a couple stores. This normally isnt a problem, but the official site does not have locations listed if you get stuck at a dead end. Fortunately, through joining the hunt's group and asking around we did continue on our way. Keep an eye on their website for stores to skip!

~Tessira and Shadowed

Sidenote: For those of you who saw the post that the blog was closing: The supportive comments were/are greatly appreciated. The blog is and always has been a labor of love for Tess and I. However, other things change - I finished school and am working now, I got partnered to a fantastic man in SL, and frankly, the holidays (RL and SL) kicked my butt and left me a little burned out. Tess has her own set of stuff going on as well. We have been slow as heck this month on the hunts, giving ourselves (mostly me) some downtime to recoup. The statement that we were closing the blog was a little premature. We are not. We are, however, juggling schedules and whatnot in an effort to find a balance that lets us hunt and post and still have some non-hunt related fun in SL. Thank you all for reading over the past 7 months and for sticking with us while we get ourselves sorted. We love to hunt, we love this blog, and we are definitely planning to keep it afloat.

Cheers and Happy Hunting, Shadowed

Number of stores:
79 (53-79 below)
57 - [Acide!] - bad LM to next store
60 - ~Lantian~ bad LM to next store

Please see previous post for more hunt information.

The Next Big Thing Hunt
66 - Beautiful Disaster
79 - Waffle!
62 - Razorblade jacket (pants not included)

The Next Big Thing Hunt
69 - Elisabeth's Store
60 - ~Lantian~
59 - Be Happy!
68 - .:SS:. Spearsong

The Next Big Thing Hunt
75 - ESUGA (skins)

The Next Big Thing Hunt
65 - Evil Ink
56 - .:CUDA:.
74 - Just In The Nick Of Time
57 - [Acide!]

The Next Big Thing Hunt
64 - ~Zeery~ Color Couture
72 - Lowlifes (hair not included)
71 - TOXIC KITTY (hair not included)
74 - Just In The Nick Of Time

The Next Big Thing Hunt
63 - G-series
73 - Mori's Pants Designs- *MP*
54 - The Kozy Kitty
58 - beeman

The Next Big Thing Hunt
76 - Wall Candy
61 - Superhero Epilepsy Combat Syndicate
55 - {Just A Pose}
77 - Mall Point Prefab


  1. Oh! You have decided not to leave the blog, I am very happy =)

  2. Thank you for blogging my hunt! There is actually a list on the blog of problem stores with the slurls to the next stores, and it was there when you posted this blog post :)