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Friday, January 28

The Serial Killer Hunt - TSKH

The Serial Killer Hunt
If you've been watching this blog awhile, you might have noticed we tend to blog a lot of ..unusual.. hunts. All hunts are great, but we seem to have better luck and more fun with themed hunts. This also appears to be reflected in the gifts, they seem to be more playful and themed. This hunt is an excellent example of that. Lots and lots of serial killer items. Creepy! Yes, but also Wild! and most importantly... Fun! Where else would you find a toothbrush weapon?

-- As you might have guessed, this hunt is bloody. If seeing bloody pixel avatars is disturbing, please wait for another post. --

~Tessira and Shadowed

January 1 - January 31
Search for item: severed head...ewww!
Number of stores:
82 (1-40 below)
Evil Stacy

The Serial Killer Hunt
30 - Returned Karma
21 - L.n.L. Square (hair not included)

The Serial Killer Hunt
26 - ::Gehenna::
13 - .::ODB::. (pants not included)

The Serial Killer Hunt
2 - *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe
17 - Dead Bunny
22 - moloko (v2 tattoo layer, but pants not included, )

The Serial Killer Hunt
18 - Razorblade Jacket (pants not included)
1 - Soulless Productions
25 - [bubble] (pants not included)
39 - Tw@ttyC@ke

The Serial Killer Hunt
16 - Fiction and Chaos (includes foaming toothbrush weapon)
1 - Soulless Productions (v2 layer tattoo)
23 - Xplosion (v2 layer tattoo)

The Serial Killer Hunt
34 - .::Divine::. (v2 layer tattoo)
11 - Deviant Designs
10 - Freakish Designs
14 - [BedlaM]
27 - Dark Desires Custom Tattoos
3 - Skin Deep/Little Pricks (v2 layer tattoo)

The Serial Killer Hunt
15 - Vamp Equip Co.
38 - ::{Favole}::
5 - Meat 'N' More (flesh apron, black shirt not included)
24 - Trixxy's Shop
7 - .Sweet Antidote.

The Serial Killer Hunt
33 - DeTHGRiP
32 - .:Tr0uBlEd ReBeL:
19 - DAARK (full-perm textures)
12 - Tree House Treasures

The Serial Killer Hunt
37 - Embody Shapes & Poses
28 - [Acide!]
36 - Misera

The Serial Killer Hunt
8 - Darkfold Designs
31 - .:Stone Misery:. (slow moving boat)
40 - Horribaubles

The Serial Killer Hunt
35 - Dels Odd Shop
20 - -=FORSAKEN=-
19 - DAARK
9 - .:.:: Malfean Visions ::.:.

The Serial Killer Hunt
6 - .:Relentless Couture:. (skybox)

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