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Saturday, January 29

The Serial Killer Hunt - Part 2

The Serial Killer Hunt
The second half of this gruesome hunt is indeed as bloody or bloodier then the first! The creative store owners have really gone all out with this theme. We had no problems moving from store to store and gathering the bloody heads. We highly encourage the guys to try this one as many of the gifts are unisex. Have fun!

-- As you might have guessed, this hunt is bloody. If seeing bloody pixel avatars is disturbing, please wait for another post. --

~Tessira and Shadowed

Number of stores:
82 (41 - 82 below)

The Serial Killer Hunt
62 - Galeries LaFrayeur (pants not included)
66 - Miu' by Zoex (pants not included, unisex)
47 - T Junction (pants not included)

The Serial Killer Hunt
52 - Love Zombie (pants not included)
41 - +++BLUE BLOOD+++ (pants not included, unisex)
69 - ;;; CERO STYLE ;;;

The Serial Killer Hunt
73 - A and S Visions (skin and v2 tattoo layer)
55 - +DV8+

The Serial Killer Hunt
76 - [NV] (top not included, unisex)
81 - Sonic Death Monkey (pants not included, unisex)
50 - * * + ANCAYI +* * (pants not included)
45 - Goth1c0 (top not included)
51 - . Virtual Riot (pants not included, unisex)

The Serial Killer Hunt
68 - Plastik (skins, ears, fatpacks of eyes)

The Serial Killer Hunt
75 - ~The Legacy~
72 - Gothica
64 - AQ face tattoos
65 - Skinthesis
59 - Fallen Doll
48 - Battle Angel

The Serial Killer Hunt
79 - .:CoLLisions:. (all layers)
61 - Endless Pain Tattoos (all layers)
49 - KOSH
77 - ..: LiQSuM :..
75 - ~The Legacy~

The Serial Killer Hunt
60 - *Bellies* (face changes)
75 - ~The Legacy~
58 - Insanya
46 - Beauty Killer
56 - gilded:

The Serial Killer Hunt
82 - Kabuki Creations
71 - {P.pop
54 - Yellow JesteR
67 - Props-N-Poses

The Serial Killer Hunt
44 - Genira Fantasy Roleplay
63 - Xplicit Furnishings

The Serial Killer Hunt
57 - Tribal Soul Designs
80 - G U H L Architecture Design
53 - Soap Co.

The Serial Killer Hunt
73 - A and S Visions (skybox)

The Serial Killer Hunt
74 - emPathy (skybox)

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